Let's make vacuum great again!     (Fake News)

For practitioners vacuum is already great, but why does everyone look at me blankly when I say I work in Vacuum?

How do we let everyone know our secret that so much around us depends upon vacuum to exist?   The great enabling technology (aka vacuum) is responsible for everyday products; the influence of vacuum to produce surface coatings or chips inside their prized gismo goes unrecognised.   Perhaps we’ve got used to working with industry professionals that understand our low pressure job, but are things changing?   Even a career veteran like myself is surprised that vacuum is a new topic in major industries never previously associated – sadly it is so ‘hot’ that the application can’t be mentioned for fear of informing the competition!

Google doesn’t help.  Use the word vacuum and you get pages of links about the top N Vacuum Cleaners.   Oh, maybe that’s why we started Vacuum-Resource.Org so that you can get relevant searches for vacuum information.   Psst: manufacturers of vacuum cleaners are sending their engineers on basic vacuum training courses – even they admit there are important lessons to be learnt.

So come on in; let’s make vacuum great again and turn those blank faces into wonderment!   Let us no longer be the butt of jokes telling us “there is nothing in it”

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